Call Queues

Call queues can allow you to receive multiple calls simultanously. A well designed call queue can also provide a smooth experience in case of a long wait time for a call.

In this guide we will be creating a basic call queue using the Lineblocs flow editor. The call queue will be assigned to all our extensions and setup with basic options.

Getting Started

  1. In Lineblocs dashboard click "Create" -> "New Flow"
  2. Enter a name for your flow
  3. Select "Queue Example" template
  4. Click "Create"

Add Extensions

By default the call queue will be setup with no extensions. You can add extensions to your queue by adjusting the Queue's widget options.

To update the widget extensions settings for your queue please click the "SupportQueue" to open its options, then select the extensions you would like to include in the "Select Extensions" field.

Call Queues example

Max Queue Wait Time

Max queue wait time allow you to adjust how long a caller can wait in the call queue before either terminating the call or going to an alternate destination.

By default the max queue wait time is set to 60 seconds.

To change the max wait time for the queue please update "Max Wait Time" option.

Queue Max Timeout

Max Extension Timeout

To update how long you want to ring an agent's phone for, you can update the "Max Extension Timeout" option.

Queue Max Ext Timeout

Music On Hold

By default all call queues will play a music on hold while the caller waits for an agent to answer the call.

Music On Hold will be played recurringly -- until the caller hangs up, an agent picks up a call or the maximum queue wait time elapses.

You can customize the music you play in your queue updating the "Music On Hold URL" setting in the widget settings box.

End Result

After you have made your changes, your flow should now look similar to the following image: Queue Max Ext Timeout

Using the flow on a DID number

To save all your changes please click Save in the flow editor.

To use your call flow on a DID Number:

  1. In the lineblocs dashboard please click DID Numbers -> My Numbers
  2. Click the "Edit" button next to your number
  3. Update the "Attached Flow" field
  4. click "Save"

Testing the flow

Your callers should now be placed in a queue with music on hold when they call your number. And your extensions will receive calls from the queue in the order they came in.

Next Steps

In this guide we discussed setting up call queues on Lineblocs. for other related quickstart posts, be sure to view the following:

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