About Lineblocs

The Lineblocs project was created as an alternative solution to existing cloud based unified communications. Our goal is to provide a highly customizable solution for calling, fax, IM, and video related needs.

We believe that the communications solutions used in workplaces today should be completely customizable and cloud based. Our solutions focus on the calling system of tommorrow.

In this modern era, we also strongly believe that a UC solution should include AI, cloud networking, and allow for complete customization.

Our Values

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We design solutions for teams that prefer using the cloud. Our solutions are completely developed to enhance inter-team productivity and offer rich experiences for calling, IM, and video.

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We are dedicated to offering the best low-code solutions that enable teams to quickly create modern UC workflows in the cloud – using cutting edge technologies – in little time.

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Cloud Solutions

We are focused on improving cloud related unified communications by offering an innovative and up to date solution that can be easily integrated into business workflows of all sizes.