Call Forwarding

Lineblocs editor allows you to create call flows for basic and advanced call forwarding needs.

In this guide we will show you how to forward a call to a external phone number using the Lineblocs flow editor.


You will need the following to start forwarding calls using lineblocs:

  1. a DID Number
  2. Lineblocs account

Creating call forward

  1. In Lineblocs dashboard click "Create" -> "New Flow"
  2. Enter a name for your flow
  3. Select "Call Forward" template
  4. Click "Create"

Edit call forwarding number

To change the number you want to forward to please click the "ForwardBridge" then update the "Number To Call" option.


Change Caller ID

By default the caller ID will show the caller's caller ID. If you want to use a custom caller ID instead you can change the "Caller ID" option.

Caller ID

Record Forwarded Calls

To record your forwarded calls please check the "Do Record" option.

do record

Using the flow on a DID number

To save all your changes please click Save in the flow editor.

To use your call flow on a DID Number:

  1. In the lineblocs dashboard please click DID Numbers -> My Numbers
  2. Click the "Edit" button next to your number
  3. Update the "Attached Flow" field
  4. click "Save"

Testing the flow

Your calls should be now forwarded to the number you specified along with the Caller ID you set.

Next Steps

In this guide we discussed setting up a simple call forward. for more advanced configurations please see guides below:

Simple IVR

Setup Extension