Basic IVR

IVRs are very simple to provision in Lineblocs. In this guide we will go over how to create a simple three option IVR that allows your callers to choose which department they wish to route their call to.


You will need the following items to begin creating IVRs:

  1. a DID Number
  2. Lineblocs account
  3. a non trial membership

Creating an IVR

  1. In Lineblocs dashboard click "Create" -> "New Flow"
  2. Enter a name for your flow
  3. use template "Simple IVR"
  4. Click "Create"

Editing the IVR auto attendant

By default the Basic IVR template is configured with an auto attendant, using default settings. You may want to customize your auto attendant options based on your needs.

To update your IVR's auto attendant, please click "ProcessInput" widget to bring up its sidebar options.

In the settings you have the option to playback text-to-speech or a media file. you can also adjust settings like the maxiumum digits to gather or the terminating digit.

If you need more info on any of these settings you can hover over the info icon to the right of the field.

process input

Routing to departments

The Basic IVR template is setup to route to 3 bridges based on user input. option 1 routing to Support, 2 routes to Sales and 3 will route to an operator.

If you want to change the default setup you can update the "Links" tab in your "Switch" cell. To open the "Links" settings please click "Switch" cell then click the "Links" tab.

Editing the call bridges

In the Basic IVR example we have setup 3 bridge widgets "SupportBridge", "SalesBridge" and "OperatorBridge". Each of these widgets forward to their own extension.

To edit the extension these widgets forward to, please click the widget you want to update, then change the "Extension To Call" option.

process input

Your flow should now look similar to the following image: Basic IVR example

Using the flow on a DID number

To save all your changes please click Save in the flow editor.

To use the IVR on one of your DIDs:

  1. In the lineblocs dashboard please click DID Numbers -> My Numbers
  2. Click the "Edit" button next to your number
  3. Update the "Attached Flow" field
  4. click "Save"

Testing the flow

You should now be able to hear your IVR in action! When you call your DID number your calls should be answered by your auto attendant greeting as well as route to your departments.

Next Steps

In this guide we went over how to setup a IVR. For other related guides be sure to view the following:

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