Porting Numbers

Lineblocs currently supports port-in requests in supported rate centers.

For a full list of supported regions, please see Supported Rate Centers

Port-In Request Requirements

If you are trying to port in a number to lineblocs please keep in mind the following requirements:

  1. The number you are trying port should not have been disconnected by the provider
  2. No dispute should be open with the porting number
  3. Porting number should not be scheduled for disconnection
  4. The porting number cannot have a contract
  5. The number you port must be available in a rate center we support

Start Port Request

To start a Port-In request please login to the Lineblocs portal then access the port request page at Create Port Request

On the port request page you will need to provide us the following info:

  1. Your First and Last Name
  2. Local Address
  3. Letter Of Authorization (LOA) - a letter of authorization from the number owner
  4. Customer Service Record (CSR) - a customer service record
  5. Recent invoice from your provider - an invoice dated no longer than 90 days

Submitting Port-In Request

To submit your port-in request, please fill in the fields on the Create Port Request, and then click the "Save" button.

Port-In Review Stages

Once you have submitted your port-in request you will be sent updates whenever the port-in request status changes.

The statuses your port-in request will go through can include the following:

  1. Pending Review

    This is when we have received your port in request but have not confirmed on our end yet.

  2. Received

    Port in request was received and lineblocs has confirmed it will attempt the port-in request.
  3. Submitted To Provider

    The port request was sent to your current carrier
  4. Confirmed

    Your port-in has been confirmed and an ETA has been provided.
  5. Completed

    Your port-in is now completed

You will be notified via email whenever the port-in request status and when an ETA for the port is established.

You can also track the status of your Port-In request by accessing the Create Port Request and checking the Status column in the port numbers list.

Port Status

Editing Port Request

You may be required to edit your port-in request depending on whether more personal information is required.

To update your port-in request please go to the Port Requests Page

then click the icon on the ported number.

Next Steps

For more info on managing numbers or billing related to numbers be sure to see articles below:

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