Managing Media Files

Media files allow you to import new audio-related content from your personal device or an external source such as Google Drive.

Lineblocs media files can be used to host audio files that you may need to use in your call flows for voiceovers and other speech-related prompts.

In this guide we will discuss how you can upload and manage media files using Lineblocs.

Adding a Media File

To add a new media file:

  1. In Lineblocs dashboard, click "Media Files"
  2. Click     Add File
  3. Select "Upload File"

Using Media File In Lineblocs

To use a media file in your Lineblocs flow, please click the the Copy URL button to get its public URL.

You can then use that URL in the Lineblocs editor.

Removing a file

To remove a media file, please click the Trash icon next to the media file.

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