Adding Workspace Users

Lineblocs lets you add new team members to your account on demand. You can create new members in your workspace, as well as give them roles to perform actions in your workspace, such as adding extensions, registering DIDs, or creating new call flows.

Add Workspace Member

To add a new workspace member to your Lineblocs account:

  1. In Lineblocs dashboard go to Settings -> Workspace Users
  2. click "Add User"
  3. Enter user details such as email and contact info
  4. Assign user roles
  5. Click "Save"

Once you have created a new user, the user will receive an invite email that includes a registration link.

Note: All new invitations expire in 7 days after they are sent

Editing Workspace Users

To edit a user please click the Edit button next to your user.

Resend Email Invite

To resend an email invitation you can click the Resend Invite button next to your user.

Remove from workspace

If you want to remove a user from your workspace please click the Trash button next to your user.

Next Steps

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