Trial Balance

Lineblocs currently offers trial memberships to all new users. In this guide we will go over trial account restrictions and how to upgrade from a trial account.


At this time we enforce restrictions on all Lineblocs trial accounts – these restrictions apply to any account regardless of the Lineblocs membership.

Trial Account Restrictions:

  1. 1 Local Number only
  2. Max 3 minutes of outbound/inbound call time
  3. Up to 32MB recording space


You can upgrade your account to a non trial account. Please note that depending on the type of account you are registered under (Pay as you go or dedicated) the steps may vary.

Dedicated Membership

To upgrade your account to a dedicated membership please add a valid billing method.

Pay as you go

If you wish to use pay as you go plan you will need to add a valid billing method and an amount of credit.

To learn how to add credit please view Add Credit

Next Steps

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